The Words

the words don’t ask us to fake it and the words don’t ask us to make it the words just ask us to open to where we are, to what we are, to who we are they invite us to tell our story and they encourage us to speak our truth they remind us we […]

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The Exhale

The bottom of the exhale is the scariest place to be. In yoga In the ocean In life We are beyond empty here Completely exposed, in need, at the mercy of life to grant us that next precious inhale. As terrifying as it is, it is just as liberating just as f***ing freeing to have nothing, to […]

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Stillness is a secret door, isn’t it. Hidden, in plain view. Locked, until you find the key. Plain to the untrained eye. Uninteresting, A dead end, Boring. Until you stumble into its wondrous garden of mind-blowing wonder. What was that? How can I get back there? Call it meditation Or call it prayer Call it […]

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Love Itself

I’m in a kind of dance with love lately. Sometimes it’s cheek-to-cheek, sometimes it’s a graceful waltz, sometimes it’s a wild gleeful swing, and sometimes it’s a solo sway to the rhythm of my heart. When my ears stumbled upon the words below, I felt compelled to share them here, as I think all our […]

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Coming Home

I tap on the walls of my heart. Are you in there? Can we talk? She seems so close at times, resting a few inches deep in my chest, only a whisper away. Yet today it feels I must travel miles to see her clearly. So I begin my journey. Miles in silence, miles in movement, […]

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Finding Our Soul Rhythm

“A child’s natural rhythm is much closer to a soul rhythm than that of most adults.”-Shefali Tsabary Lately my son has been trying to talk. He curls up his tongue and spits out whatever noises, grunts, or howls he can muster. Unlike when he was learning to walk, he’s not cautious about it. He just […]

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